Game ideas #1

So, just because I cannot develop all my ideas... I'm planning to share some, maybe someone will read that and will love crazy stuff. So, the list.

  1. Shitty pidgin. The name of ideas is very self describing. You need to shit on pedestrians that are walkin on street. To be able to shit you need to eat, so you need to be among your brothers. But you are different, if you will not pass the miningames that will prove that you are pidgin, your brothers will kill you. Simple and not finished... I also saw the idea developed in some game, don't remember where.
  2. The life. Two variations and they can be done, so it is the secret.
  3. Gastrointestinal tract (P.S. I don' have love for shit, but...). The idea is pretty simple, some food is entering your stomach and you need to produce needed ferments to handle it. You are producing it by pushing some buttons. The game becomes harder when your food is in the intestines. You need to regulate the whole food processing stuff.
  4. Stereo wars. The mighty wizard turns the 2d world to 3d and the happy figures becomes the angry one. Only one have his mind in OK state. YOU. Also a wizard...

So, there were some ideas. Some of them not very finished (almost all, you dumbass), but I think some are cute. Maybe I will return to them sooner or later.